Creative Solutions for all your website needs

Look no further, W3 Design and Development is your go-to for an affordable website in the Cayman Islands!


By actively listening to the needs of our clients, we ensure amazing websites are produced to meet their demands.


We work with our clients from the first step through to the completed product to ensure they are fully onboard with where we are taking them. Our work is a direct reflection of our capabilities, and we are committed to bringing out the best we have to offer.. EVERY TIME.


How did we get here?

It all started in 2017, when a young Caymanian had a business idea and went searching locally for quotes on getting a website of his own. Unfortunately those hopes were quickly destroyed when he found out that even though he didn't need to go to the bank to start his business, it seemed apparent he would need to, just for the website.

Then, in 2019 after a lot of homework, W3 DAD was born. Our mission; to offer quality websites at affordable costs.

We know what it's like to feel unable to get anywhere because you're a startup, or because all your profit will need to be poured into a website, and we don't think anyone should ever have to feel that way.

We're here to help!!!

Who I Am

Freelance Web Designer

My name is Xavier McCoy and I am a young Caymanian who loves art and computers. When you put those two together you get the best of both worlds...Cayman Kind Web Design!

When I put my head down and get to work, I let my imagination run wild to bring you the most unique and creative websites.


With a commitment to my clients, I always strive to exceed expectations. Contact me today to find out how I can create the website(s) you need for a price you can afford!

What We Offer

Out of this world websites for a down to earth cost



Do you have a lot to say and want somewhere to say it? Nothing's wrong with sharing on social media, but your own website, now that says something. Let us help you set up your blog so that you can share and discuss whatever with whoever, wherever!

Business Websites

Let us help you get your business an online presence. Stop worrying about all those overhead costs, at W3 we offer peace of mind with every website we build. Focus on your business and leave the rest to us.

Responsive Website
Family Shopping

Online Stores

Do you sell products or services?

Well you're in luck! W3 has added E-commerce websites to our arsenal of products!

Graphic Design

All of our graphics are courtesy of iDesign

From Company Logos and Video Ads, to Birthday Invitations. If it's a digital graphic, they've got you covered.